[ANNOUNCE] NARAM-46 event tips posted at www.naram.org

Tips for the contest events have been posted at the NARAM-46 website:

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The tips are aimed at helping new and less experienced competitors, though long time competitors may find them useful as well. There are written tips, a few illustrations, and many links to plans, kits, and other tip source on the web.

In addition to the event tips, there is also a general tips page and a page listing vendors that cell competition-oriented kits and supplies.

The tips are also useful for other contests being held across the country, as many hold some of the same events as held at NARAM.

Thanks to Jon Rains for urging the tips pages to be created. Also to Wolfram Von Kiparski for his work on the NAR website?s contest page. A lot of the plans that the tips pages link to are from the plans Wolf compiled, even scanned and drew in some cases.

Thanks to Joyce Guzik and Tom Beach, for Joyce?s recent R&D article in Sport Rocketry magazine. And Bill Spadafora of NARTS for donating the R&D publication by Jay Apt which Joyce?s article references.

And thanks to those who reviewed the draft versions of the tip pages, provided feedback, additional links, etc.

- George Gassaway

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competitors, though long

source on the web.

Awesome reference! Thanks to you and your team, George!


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Ted Cochran

WOW, that was a lot of work compiling all that info. Fantastic.

I submitted a rambling description of some of my models that can be used for the events and a it looks like it was read and some was included. I did notice that there is only mention of the 18mm egglofter, but I have a 24mm motor powered MeggALOFTER as well. If anyone cares to read my original rambling description, here it is (without the photo of the MeggALOFTER):

I have not been pushing my model rocket 'business' very heavy lately. It peaked a few years ago for a number of reasons. My wife was doing science programs in public and private schools and I made many kits every year for her to use. I bagged a bunch of extras for sale to local rocket enthusiasts a few mail order folks. Since then she has earned her masters degree and changed careers and is now doing marriage and family therapy for far more money. Also, over the last decade or so we have seen many model rocket companies emerge that offer most of what I did (and do it professionally - i.e. they don't look like a garage operation).

I still make kits and sell the kits and parts, but mostly to local folks. We also use some of the kits at our local NAR section classes. I've got price lists and one general photo on the price list over on my cheesy website:

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I've also attached a second photo here since my original photo did not show the MeggALOFTER.

Some of the models could indeed be used for the NARAM 46 events. (Geez - is it really 30 years since my first NARAM - NARAM 16 in VA??) Here are the descriptions that are missing from the price list (they are in the "cheap-o" xeroxed catalog I send out to those who request one):

"Egglofter" - uses BT-20 body tube with plastic Easter egg capsule. External shock cord anchor allow large recovery system to be installed and still eject easily. Comes with a

15" hexagon parachute. Flys with 18mm (standard size) motors. Uses 1/8" diameter launch rod - lugs and standoffs included. 3/32" balsa fins. Very detailed instructions. Note that the capsule is pretty tight for some eggs that fall within the NAR competition egg size range. you will want to select a narrow egg if possible. When we fly these in school programs we usually use "medium" eggs to make it easy, but I have flown many large eggs successfully. I wrap them in a baggie, put padding (polyester fiberfill) above and below the egg and tape the capsule shut. The bigger the parachute the better the chances of a safe recovery.

"MeggALOFTER" - Large BT-55 based model with a 24mm (BT-50) motor mount and a boat-tail to reduce drag and improve altitude. HUGE parachute is included and a Jumbo Easter Egg capsule. Plenty of room in the capsule for any size egg and plenty of cushion. Uses 3/16" simater launch rod - lugs and standoffs included.

"Duration" - Comes in either Parachute or Streamer version. BT-20 body tube using standard

18mm motors. External shock cord anchor allow large recovery system to be installed and still eject easily. Streamer version comes with crepe paper streamer. Parachute version comes with 15" hexagon parahute. You can install your own larger streamer or parachute. Balsa fins (3/32" thick so they do not break easily) can be sanded to an airfoil. Comes with birchwood nose cone for durability. If extreme duration is desired, I suggest a lightweight BT-20 compatible nose cone from BMS or Pratt or Apogee. The fins are sized for stable flight with the lightweight nose! Uses 1/8" diameter launch rod, but you can piston launch and/or tower launch.

Hornet Boost-Glider - BT-5 pop-pod launched balsa wood boost glider. Original Hornet has a

6" wingspan, but a special "150%" version has a 9" wingspan and glides much longer. Either version is available for the same price, but you need to specify if you want the 150% version. Uses 1/8" launch rod. Pop-pod uses nested brass squares for glider attachment and the glider WILL NOT fall off on the rod even if there is a breeze. Boosts as straight as a laser beam for extreme altitude. Be sure to trim in a turn or you may never see this glider again. Use the plans included to make duplicate gliders. Scale them up or down to create gliders perfect for different weather or motors.

Shadowcat with Parasite Boost-Glider - 200% version of the original Hornet with a simple double dowel and launch lug attachment to a long Shadowcat booster rocket. This special version of the Shadowcat uses an 18" long BT-50 tube and has an 18mm motor mount, bals fins and streamer recovery. It can fly with an A8-3 in no wind, but I mostly fly with B4-2 and B6-2 motors. If you don't mind an insanely long glide and a possible long recovery walk, try a C6-3.

I hope this info helps.

-Fred Shecter NAR 20117

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Fred Shecter

Great job, George and all.

This is the stuff that should REALLY be in the FAQ.

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