Become apprentice at 46?

Advice and opinion on becoming an apprentice at 46

Good or bad idea?

And why?

Thanks in advance!

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An apprentice what?

Anything in the building trades is probably a bad idea. At that age you are unlikely to accept being a grunt for 2-3 years, and probably would not take kindly to the wear and tear it exacts on your body.

On top of that, most apprentice programs have age restrictions.

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Bob Peterson

As you're asking the question in the electrical group, I'm guessing you're talking about electrician apprentice. As someone a couple of years older than you I've just done that, except I doubt anyone would take me on as an apprentice when they can get school leavers for a lot less money and who'll take all the bossing around. So I've done the training and set up my own contracting business.

There're two parts to the apprenticeship - one is the technical side, the other is the "life skills", like being able to talk to customers, discovering how to use a screwdriver when they've only ever used a games console before. Imagine your average 16-year-old being let loose on the world without a minder - that's half of what apprenticeships are about. By 46 you've probably picked up those skills ;0) so what you probably want is some form of accelerated learning that gets you the technical skills and then opens the opportunity to get a job as a sparky or sparky's mate, rather than long-drawn out apprenticeship.


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Peter Stokes

You make a number of negative assumptions. More to do with your negative attitude than anything else. Grunt? Wear and Tear? Age restriction ... maybe ... but not at local 48.

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Please explain ok?

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Its a great idea, Ive just done it at 33yrs, my firm were looking for 2 older apprentices i got one (project engineer) and my mate got the other (Elec maintenance engineer) at 38yrs. they thought we were less likely to grab the quals and run off for more money after, and have a better attitude brcause we wanted to do it rather than just did it for the hell of it like their previous apprentices.

you have nothing to loose by trying. when we go back to college after the hols we will be second years ;-) so no more bullying from the other years LOL


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