Heat Shrink Tubing

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Hair dryer.

Tech Jerry

Sorry for the tech post!

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Jerry Irvine

Heat gun (paint stripper variety), or a butane lighter.

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Jump in a cold swimming pool? :)

Seriously, a heat gun or butane lighter or propane torch...careful!

Mike F.

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60 degrees? Sounds almost tropical!

In this area the seawater surface temp ranges from about 45 degrees (tail end of winter) to about 55 degrees (end of summer).

That's why most of us that dive around here use drysuits instead of wetsuite!

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I just use the side of my soldering iron tip, brushing lightly along the heatshrink tubing until it scrunches up.

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bit eimer


No, that is actually only SERIOUS shrivlage, MAXIMUM shrivlage occurs when you are walking your race boat off the trailer for a test run in March, there is still a little ice in the coves and receses, and you realize that being on your tippy toes isn't quite going to make it.

I believe that they resurfaced in April sometime.


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Chuck Mies

High power hair dryer up close or a heat gun (much faster).


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A friend of mine and I used to run a 1/4 mile hydro. 137 mph was our best mph. Getting ready for the first race of the year in Phoenix was always tough. It was early enough in the year that we had to test here in some pretty darn cold water.

Now I have 5 kids, the boat is long gone, and my boys and I use rockets for that speed fix!

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Chuck Mies

If you are covering two or more soldered wires with heat shrink tubing you can use a wooden kitchen match or a cigarette lighter. Anything over 3/8" needs a heat gun or butane torch.

Karl Perry QUARK, Cincinnati, OH

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I used a hairdryer, and it experienced very little shrinkage. Do you have to use a high power hairdryer? for how long should one apply heat?

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I believe that the proper term for that is "turtling". >;-)

Mark Simpson NAR 71503 Level II God Bless our peacekeepers

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Mark Simpson

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