hipotetic question

how fast will go bicycle?
-bicycle weight: 100kg
-bicycle speed before starting a rocket motor: 18mph
-solid rocket motor: 100N
-thrust time: 1s
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Not considering drag, you will gain 1 meter/sec (2.23 mph), so the final speed will be 20.23 mph.
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
There is a precision issue with your numbers. However, disregarding significant digits:
F=M*A (assuming, sigh, constant mass) A=F/M
A=100N/100Kg (assuming horizontal motion) A=1m/s^2
V(f)=V(0)+A*t V(f)=18mi/hr + (1m/s^2)*1s V(f)=18mi/hr + 1m/s*(mi/1609.344m)*(3600s/hr)
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Gary did some fine math:
So, in other words, if Zoblinec wants to be like a 63 Chevy and splatter himself to the side of a mountain, he's gonna have to get himself a much bigger motor or lose a lot of weight :)
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Doug Sams
Thanks, Bill. I tried to find on-line info on the program with no luck. The Gates Brothers; I should have guessed (well, either them or JI).
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They beat me to it :)
I didn't want to debunk the urban legend. I wanted to do it right :)
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Jerry Irvine
I taped the show. The car 'supposedly' outran the chopper, but there were other 'hype' situations taken full advantage of so that part is suspect in my mind also. The chopper was capable of 120 or 140 mph (damn, now I'll have to watch it again) so the car speed wasn't much more than that. Definitely not 200 though. Had they really set an astounding speed, they would have had a radar gun on it or timed the run using marks on the ground. But they didn't so it makes me think the speed wasn't all that great.
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an astounding
Hmmmm...a pair of Ns on the busa. Hit 180 then "light 'em up".
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Kurt Kesler
Talk about taking it to the next level...
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There's something to be said for poser points. I looked at a 1985 Z28 that was for sale tonight. It was a Pro Street car with 750hp w/o NOS and almost 1500hp with. The owner told me that it was a street car and never raced, despite the 4 link suspension, 12 point roll cage, pro chassis, narrowed 4.56 rear, fuel cell, 13.5" by 33" slicks, pro stock scoop, etc., etc., It was sweet....but at $26k, it was more car than I wanted as a daily driver.
Mark Simpson NAR 71503 Level II God Bless our peacekeepers
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Mark Simpson

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