L2 Today!

I did the first half of my L2 today with a scratchbuilt 4"x8.5' rocket
called the Piranha Donna. I used a Pro38 J400 and Rocksim says the
altitude should have been around 5,800. I didn't fly an altimeter
because I wanted as little to go wrong as possible on the cert flight.
The second half of my cert will be taking the L2 test. Couldn't do it
today because we had the Savannah Science Seminar group flying with
us. Next time for sure.
The only loss I had today was my Fast Boy (29mm Fat Boy) that was
destroyed in a recovery accident.
Chuck W
NAR Level 2
Farther, Faster, Higher!
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You can always use it as a 'payload'.
Number 4 is 'b'.
If they didn't break, you wouldn't need to replace them! :)
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
Per the requirements, you must take the test prior to the flight.
Seems you cert team is lost.. I sure wouldn't brag about "the folks that signed off on my cert were lost'...
Notice on the Level 2 application, is the "preflight" section there is the checkbox for "passed Level 2 regulations test.."
You can't do your flight till you pass the test.. sorry. You didn't do a cert flight..
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AZ Woody
Both the NAR and TRA require you to take the written test first before doing the cert flight
So yes you will have to do the whole thing again! This is what happens when you don't read instructions or applications!
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James Dean Cory, D.C.
Or this is what happens when Chuck was allowed to launch without being L2 already or his cert team doesn't know what they are doing. It doesn't seem to me that Chuck is at total fault here. Isn't the responsibility of the people doing the cert to know he took his test already?
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Rob Bazinet
I concur with Rob. Uninformed personnel shouldn't make Chuck lose a cert flight. Maybe he should have known, but how many times do you see someone bring up a two pound rocket they want to fly on a C? Who'd be at fault for that SNAFU, the flyer or the RSO?
I'd appeal but I wouldn't hold my breath. Chuck does have a good attitude, though. It's a shame when people tell you you MUST make ANOTHER "dreadful" flight again... :-)>
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To me, it should have been clear to the cert team.. Heck, it's the first thing to mark on the "preflight" section of the cert form - even before "is there an FAA waiver"!
But, in the case of L2, the written test really determines if the flier "knows what they are doing". It contains rules/regs/design/etc. questions. The preflight test is used to determine if the flier "understands" many parts of the hobby. It just seems to me that the flier for a L2 should have an understanding of the cert process and forms. Heck, 1 minute after Chuck certs, he can do someone else's L2! (for NAR).
I think the cert team erred here, but I would hold the flier atleast 50% responsible too!
Gene, understand that one of the "Uninformed personnel" was Chuck himself. Something that he should have known!
(Former TRA Prefect and NAR Section Advisor)
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AZ Woody
I think he was being sarcastic...
The whole purpose of getting a L2 would be to make more L2 launches, correct?
-- David
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Correct! Things were a little hectic at the launch and I just jumped the gun. I've read the paperwork before and should have remembered. It certainly wasn't the cert team's fault. We were all busy helping 25 11th graders to fly I205-powered egglofters with altimeters. I wasn't trying to sneak around or anything.
I've been flying since 1976 so I'm not exactly a stranger to building stable rockets. I've flown for so long that everyone at O'burg was surprised that I was only now getting my L2. I just got the cart before the horse. It's no big deal to do the flight again. My bad.
So what I was saying before was that I'll have to fly the rocket again after the test to get the cert. I intended to fly L2 stuff anyway after my L2 cert (which is why I was getting the cert) so flying again in the correct order to get the cert is pretty much the same flying I was hoping to do anyway. Sort of like saying "Don't throw me in that briar patch!"
Sorry for all the excitement.
But it was a very cool flight!
Chuck W NAR Level 1.5
Farther, Faster, Higher!
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Part of the test is knowing the rules. Including "take the test before making the flight".
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow
I'd have to disagree with that assesment. The very first item on their preflight checklist asks for the date that the test was passed. If they didn't have a date, they should have gone no farther.
Mario Perdue NAR #22012 Sr. L2 for email drop the planet
formatting link
"X-ray-Delta-One, this is Mission Control, two-one-five-six, transmission concluded."
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Mario Perdue
Chuck, it certainly WAS the cert teams fault. It is up to them to know the procedure and follow it.
-Rob Bazinet NAR #78682 L3CC
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Rob Bazinet

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