L1 Cert today

OK, I finally made it to Level 1...

I ended up using my PML Black Brant Vb on an H128W-S, instead of my previously planned 1/4 Scale Patriot (due to field/rocket size). The Patriot was too heavy to launch at that field without a waiver, but the Black Brant Vb worked out great. The Patriot will probably end up being my Level 2 rocket...

Because of all the rains lately, I had to fly it 'naked' (no low humidity days when I was free to paint), but the rocket was ready to go. Andy Woerner was my cert guy (thanks, Andy!), and went over the rocket pretty thoroughly. As this was my first PML piston rocket, I wanted to make sure that the piston was sliding okay, but Andy said it was great.

My Black Brant was slightly heavier than stock, due to using foam in the fin-can area, a larger chute, and the AeroPack retainer/adapter setup (my BB is 38mm, but I used the 29mm H128). It weighed in (dry) at about

36.5 oz, and the RockSim prediction was for about 1700 feet (which was probably about right). There was a very slight breeze at launch, so I angled the rod a couple of degrees, but frankly I should have left it alone, as it probably would have come down right by the pad, otherwise. It would seem that the recommended delay for the BB is the 'medium' delay, but after doing the RockSim, it appeared to me that the 'short' delay would be best, and sure enough, it was just about perfect.

The only 'problem' I had was due to angling the launch rod -- I had a close call with it landing within about 20 feet of the water's edge, which would have negated my 'safe recovery' requirement if it had landed in the bay. There was absolutely no damage to anything, and frankly it was ready to go again immediately, but I decided to stick with some smaller modrocs for the remainder of the morning.

I'm hoping to qualify for level 2 very soon, so that I can help out at the NSL in May.

Thanks to everyone who has given me advice on getting to this point, it was much appreciated.

David Erbas-White NAR 77073 LEVEL 1 (yeah!!!)

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David Erbas-White
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Yea and congratulations David.. Oh BTW, in case nobody told you; HPR is like a drug habit, expensive and extremely habit forming, especially if your spouse is co-operative..(:-)

BTW, the PML Launches real good on A/T G40, G80T, F50FWL, and G64.


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W. E. Fred Wallace

Congrats David and good luck on L2.

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"David Erbas-White" wrote

Congratulations David!!

I did my level 1 cert last year and boy was it exciting to see my first big bird fly. You're on your way to a overwhelming addiction! There is nothing like a few big rockets to eat every free penny and moment you have :) - All ways worth every penny though!

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Congrats on your Level 1, David. As they say - "Welcome to highpower - open your wallet!"

Good luck on your L2!

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J.A. Michel

Congratulations and good job! The Patriot should fly great on an AT J420R with a medium delay for your Level 2 at your next launch.


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Andrew Grippo

That's precisely what I'm planning. I passed the L2 written test today (too), so all that's left to do is the flight.

David Erbas-White

P.S. I should add that I have a tendency to 'bump up' the chute size by one from 'stock', which I did for both the Black Brant VB and the Patriot. Since they both are weighing in more than the 'listed' weight, I'm glad I did. The descent on the BB was just about right (for my taste).

David Erbas-White

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David Erbas-White


Way to go David ! The Pro38 2g case for my 5.5x Streak is in shipping, and I'm finalizing the design of my dual-stage recovery system. Just discovered this method of using tubular kevlar:

formatting link
that I'm probably going to be using. Gotta love authentic, documented test data to validate the design decision process !


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John Bonnett

Congratulations!! Now you can start spending some real money :-) Christopher Brian Deem NAR 12308 TRA 2256 level II

David Erbas-White wrote:

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Christopher Brian Deem

Way to go!

Verna & Randy

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Cool, congrates on a good flight !

A nice Pro38 5 grain or 6 grain would be great in that rocket.

Why would water recovery be unsafe ?

Sounds like a fun time.

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I was being somewhat facetious -- it's unsafe because of all the jet skiers and water skiers zipping by without looking .

David Erbas-White

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David Erbas-White


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Phil Stein

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