Launch this weekend in Northeast Ohio???

Hmmm... high in the 30's on Saturday, maybe into the 40's on Sunday? No snow scheduled!! Absolutely jones-ing for the smell of anything that's burnt. Hoping hoping hoping!!!

(Jeez....I never had to worry about if it was too cold in California....only too wet!)


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Prayers are answered. This just posted at

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Saturday's Launch is a GO!!

Thursday, 02/03/2005

To All Fellow Rocketeers,

This weekends launch will be held on Saturday, February 05, 2005, at our Amherst field from NOON to 4 PM. Our 5,200 foot, "L" motor limit waiver will be in effect. High power flights will be restricted due to how far back we can get into the field. The field is snow covered. We will be launching up front by the barn.

Parking will be restricted to the driveway areas.

Please check your e-mail or call me BEFORE leaving for the launch for any last minute cancellation.


These folks are great!! Anybody within, oh, let's say 100 miles or so should drop in for some flying. Gloves and hats are recommended. No snow in the forecast.


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Alan Tuskes

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