Model Minutes US announces the G-200 Heavy Carrier

Like the G-75 Carrier, the G-200 Heavy Carrier played a key role in the
colonization of the known universe. With its extended carrying
capacity, the G-200 was used to bring complete factories required for
key resource generation. This included desalinization, power
generation, atmospheric and pressure, and waste management plants. Each
G-200 was configured for the specific task and would only fly once;
from Earth to the target planet. Prior to landing, the G-200 would
eject a communications satellite into orbit around the new planet and
then it would descend. Upon landing the G-200 "Flying Factories" would
be operational within days.
Designed to carry payloads (satellite provide) and to have a variety of
fin placement, the G-200 will challenge and bring new enjoyment to your
Model Minutes fleet.
Come see our first new kit by clicking here:
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Happy flying!
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