ROL NEWS--Model Minutes Opens in US

Model Minutes Opens in US
February 28, 2005
Web posted at: 12:28 PM EST
(ROL Newswire) -- Model Minutes is not new, however, Model Minutes US
is. Model Minutes currently offers six rocket designs that are not the
typical tube and balsa nose cone rockets. These kits use paper modeling
techniques and challenge building skills since they are made from
cardstock and foamboard. The kits include all the necessary parts
including motor retention, nose weight, parachutes, etc. The six kits
include the rear-ejection Space Racer; the two-for-one
Multi-Operation-Missile (MOM); the futuristic G-75 Carrier; the classic,
retro-looking XFLR-7; the French Mach 2 plane Leduc-22; and the
crazy-eight-legged Flying Spider. All kits are now in stock and ready to
ship. The website is found at
formatting link
for more details.
Source: Model Minutes
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