Re: 101 kit recommendations to a newbee

Hi Chuck, Loc has a lot of good reasonably priced mid power kits out there. PML would be my choice for a couple of reasons. Depending on the kit, they are comparatively priced. Comes with a piston ejection system removing the need for wadding and ensuring your parachute is protected. And finally, the quantum tubing is sturdier and more forgiving. The following kits are all 29mm, AMRAAM 2, Black Brant VB, IO, Callisto, Phobos, Explorer.
-- Jeffrey L. Miller Anchor Parachutes
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Jeffrey L. Miller
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Lowest prices on Semroc on the web

> > At this last job with the union I got the interest of a co-worker
> > concerning rocketry (we're going to do a "cultural exchange" of
> > WMD's...he's into guns/automatic weapons). He's made it plain that if he
> > likes what he sees that, like other things he does, he'll throw himself
> > into the hobby to the full. Planning towards that time I've been pondering
> > things to recommend to get him started on the path. One is the Estes
> > Fatboy, that's one FUN little kit, inexpensive, and teaches things like
> > TTW fin construction. But I was also looking at what would be a good
> > mid-power kit too. Something that gave a good range of power and
> > performance before he takes the plunge into level one.....and he will.
> > From my own experience I would recommend the LOC Graduator since it's a
> > sturdy kit that could go from "D's" up to high power certification
> > flights. The local hobby shop (Great Lakes Hobbies) has a fair amount of
> > PML kits too, but I have no experience with them (yet).
> > So, if you were to dangle the carrot before the donkey, what you
> > recommend to a newbee that is reasonable in price, flexible in use, and
> > gives a good show?
> > Let's all hope the next weekend's scheduled launch isn't cancelled due to
> > weather so we can gain a convert....I've an I161 flight in my EZI-65
> > planned just for my friend's benefit ;-)
> >
> > Chuck
> >
> _____________________________________________________
> Try the SLS Javelin from Semroc ( 22.3"/1.34" pre-slotted,
> heavy duty airframe with through the wall, laser cut basswood fins. Balsa
> NC, nylon rip-stop chute, kevlar shock cord, decals included. 24/29mm motor
> mounts flies on C through G engines (the package claims 3,900' on an F25). >
> All this for a $19.50 list price. I got mine for $15.97 from BRS hobbies
> ( On my doorstep three days after I ordered it. >
> This has to be the best quality/best priced low/mid power kit out there. >
> Now if I just had time to build it...
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