Old-Time Rockets

I came across some of my older motors the other day so I decided to pull a couple of my older rockets out of semiretirement and have an Old-Timer launch. If the weather holds, I plan on heading out to my local BOFF (Big Ole Farm Field) Saturday and launching my 33 year old Farside with 33 year old B14-0s in the first and second stage and a 31 year old C6-7 in the third stage (it is a very big field). I also plan to launch my 35 year old V-2 on it's 3,317th flight (I have documented every one of its flights since the first one in

1968). All this old stuff made me wonder if anyone has thought about holding an Old-Timer event. You could have a class for old original rockets and one for clones of old rockets. I think some of the old designs are still some of the best and it could be very interesting to see them take to the sky one more time.

Feeling nostalgic, Bill

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