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There was a link on rmr recently to a store that sold a rocket kit (kids tyoe) that was powered by a crystal like thing that you mixed with water.

Anyone remember what i'm thinking of or am i just tripping ;-)



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"Damian Burrin" wrote in news:b%zmb.1189$Zr6.424 @newsfep4-winn.server.ntli.net:

I think I found what you are looking for:

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This is a link to google's web cache and the REAL link is no longer active. You mix the crystals with water to help electrolysis of the water for an H2

  • O2 rocket. In my opinion hydrogen and oxygen propulsion really doesn't belong in a toy and apparently they may have found out the hard way. If you do a Google search for; Estes hydrogen oxygen rocket, or something similar you will find the product is no longer available? anywhere. Not to mention the inherent danger of H2+O2, this thing must have used batteries like crazy.

You could always get a slip and slide! :D

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Or a water wiggle?
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