LARF Launch

On Friday evening the inaugural LARF launch was held at our secret flying
site.............................Ok Graham and I went to Pete's farm to lob
a couple of rockets.
I wanted to test fly Boomerang on a Pr38 4 grain (2140ft) before lobbing it
on a 6G at Klob in September, but the main reason for going was Graham who
wanted to test fly his first Hybrid a Hypertek J. This flight was very cool
and went to about 1200ft and was his first flight with his new OZARK
altimeter, the first time one of these has been used in the UK and probably
the first to be used with a hybrid flight. Everything went extremely well
and the Videos of both flights can be seen at
formatting link

On ABMR are couple of jpegs the first is a lovely diamond just before the
hypetek lifts off, and the second is the Pro38 4grain spitting something
out, it was doing this nearly all the way to apogee. It didn't effect the
flight at all but was a very interesting sight.
Comments appreciated
Damian Burrin
UKRA 1159 Level 2
EARS 1115
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Damian Burrin
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