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A quick launch report, which will be followed by some more thorough descriptions of each flight in separate threads (there is a reason...).

I went (for the first time) to Tripoli Central California yesterday, but only had time to launch two rockets. I was actually driving through the area from point A to point B (and then back to point A, but we won't go into that ), so I managed to 'tweak' my schedule to swing by.

It was a great launch, a bunch of great people, actually saw someone I knew (Andy Woerner from What's Up Hobbies -- kudos to him for driving from San Diego to support the launch). My first launch was a modified PML D Region Sandhawk, on an H242T. It was a great flight -- and here's where the 'cool' part comes in.

My son (aka recovery team 1) was watching the rocket with his eagle eyes while I was attempting to look at it through binoculars, as a result of which I saw virtually nothing of the flight -- you know, took my glasses off to use the binoculars, couldn't track it well enough, so didn't see a darn thing. Anyway, he reported to me how it flew, but the 'great' part was hearing someone say from about 20 feet behind me, "Wow! What a perfect flight!" Since nobody there knew me, I doubt if it was somebody 'jerking my chain', and hearing a compliment like that on a launch does give one the warm fuzzies.

Anyway, there's a lot more to that flight, but that will be covered in a separate thread -- because the flight was of my new, super-secret, modified recovery design...

The second flight was going to be my PML 1/4 scale Patriot. I had attempted to repair a crack near the top of the body tube with liquid plastic cement, and it seemed strong at home, but once I got it to the field it cracked (of course). I'm now looking at major repairs to it... So, I went with my PML Black Brant VB, on an H123W. This rocket has flown several times previously, quite well, so I was expecting a good flight. WRONG! It corkscrewed off the pad, ejection was timed fine, but then the tube went one way, with the chute/cone going another way. I dispatched recovery team 1 to track the chute and cone, and went after the main tube. Landing on the dairy farm was fairly soft, so there was no damage (it pretty much fell horizontally, so it was fairly slow). Number one son got the rest of it, so I was able to figure out what happened -- which will lead to TWO more threads to follow this one.

Anyway, despite the short time I had at the launch, it was great to see the other flyers and their rockets, and to be (once again) welcomed at a launch where I was a complete stranger. Oh, I was able to put a face to another rmr reader here, who I met at the RSO table -- it's amazing how poorly my mental images match up...

BTW, Andy is lowering his propellant prices at launches, so those who go to launches where he sells will have something else to look forward to!

David Erbas-White

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David Erbas-White
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Glad you could make it to our little launch. Usually there are more people, and a lower temperature. My big launch of the day was testing my PML Endeavor with an I211. (Should I test it some more, or is it ready for a J420 and a L2 attempt?) After that I just relaxed and launched some low power rockets. For those who could not make it, here is just a sample of the action:

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