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OK so this is Off Topic.
Dos anyone know of a reliable Laptop repair company? Pref in the North West?
The lid close microswitch in my Sony VAIO has all but given up, henec the
LCD display dosent get turned on, unless you continulally click the
microswitch. Its a real PITA as its only 18months old but Sony only give one
years support.
I know the display works, and have had to resort to an external monitor to
work at the mo, but that is totally impractical if I want to take the laptop
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If I were you, I'd go to the Sony web page and use the locator to find a Sony or Sony-authorized service station in your area.
Most of the parts of the typical laptop are proprietary, and not replaceable by a "generic depot. And, speaking from experience, unless you have the manufacturers "take-apart' instructions, and often special tools, you're going to damage the computer.
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this went to the wrong NG
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