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> I there a site on the net where I can find the masses of various
> components? I am using VCP to design a rocket and I need to know the
> mass of a LOC 54mm x 10" nosecone, a 54mm coupler tube and 29mm motor
> mount tube. I am also interested in the density of the 6mm birch
> plywood that I will be using for the centering rings, bulkheads and fins. >
> For the most part, the mass of a tube is small compared to the mass of
> the component that it encloses. For example, the 29mm motor mount tube
> won't add much to the combined mass of the tube and loaded motor but I
> want to be as complete as possible. I don't want my first scratch built
> rocket to do loops!
> Thanks.
> --dennis
Hi Dennis,
Rocsim says that a nosecone of this size would way 1/4 pound (.25
lbs). The only difference is that the lenth of the nose cone in Rocsim
is 9.5", and you mentioned 10. That should put you in the ball park
Hope that helps,
Tom Sak
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Hi Denis,
To Answer your other questions, rocksim says a LOC 29mm motor mount, 7" long weighs .037lbs, a LOC 54mm coupler, 4" long, weighs .067lbs. As for the denstiy of 6mm birch, Im not sure if rocsim can do that. It can give you the total weight however for that thichkness. The weight of a ring of this size and thickness would be .0132lbs or 5.981 grams, or .211 oz, ( barely anything at all ).
Good luck with your first scratch build, ( Im doing my first scratch build too )
Tom Sak
NAR# 82966
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