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And you need storage or contingent storage (same as for a full-blown LEUP)

As with any governmental approval you are NEVER better off with the cheater version.


> > I just went to the atf website and further read into the "limited permit" > > rules as of now and what a crock.... It's renewable every year and only > > allows a person to purchase motors up to 6 times in that one year period. > > Here is a clipping from the article I read..... > > > > > > The new legislation creates a new category of permit -- a "limited > > permit" -- designed for the intrastate purchaser who buys explosives > > infrequently and does not intend to transport or use the explosives > > interstate. This permit will allow the purchaser to receive explosive > > materials from an in-State explosives licensee or permittee on no more > than > > six (6) occasions during the period of the permit. The permit will allow > ATF > > to better monitor explosives commerce in an effort to enhance homeland > > security, but is designed to not be overly burdensome to legitimate > > purchasers. The limited permit is valid for one year and is renewable. ATF > > intends to set the application fee for the limited permit at $25. > > > > > >
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And it is only good for in state purchases. So if there is no HPR dealer in your state, it's useless.

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