rmr,JI posts and news.individual.net

When i click on any JI post, it sys message no loner on server. But if I
click on a JI post that I already have looked at previously, it will show?
I tried this with my ISP newsserver and I can see the JI posts..strange huh?
I wonder if news.individual.net is purposely filtering out the JI posts?
shockie B)
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I'm getting the same thing here - either that or posts just not showing up and then when people reply there's quoted sections of messages I never saw.
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Niall Oswald
Wow, just think how that would effect RMR if it were possible.. The thought makes me want to turn cart wheels. On second thought, about as much chance of that type filtering as me getting my old 200lb, 6' frame to turn cart wheels. (:-)
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W. E. Fred Wallace
It's all about Jerry.
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Jerry Irvine
Same here. "Message is no longer available on the server" to JI posts.
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J.A. Michel
Wow, how do I sign up??? :-)
-- David
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You don't say what reader you're using (and I don't know if n.i.n has a web-based reader), but a lot of readers cache items that you have read. Therefore it doesn't matter if they're on the server or not. For instance, Outlook Express keeps anything you select until you reset its data store.
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Roy Green
I have Qwest and Individual newsfeeds and it's not just individual.net, Qwest has the problem too. A likely explanation that some idiot is forging cancel requests for JI's posts and your ISP's server doesn't honor them.
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Maybe an idiot, but a motivated idiot!
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Jerry Irvine
That would sound right.
my server does not honor cancle requests and I see everything just fine.
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