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I?ve been off work due to ill health for the last couple of months. To save me from watching the horrors of daytime TV, apart from building rockets of course (which is strangely therapeutic), I started work on a fun rocketry inspired project.

I started writing a web based rocketry adventure game. It started off as a joke, only intending for members of my local rocketry group to play. I honestly didn?t think anyone else would be interested, until it was linked to on a gaming site. I seem to gained a number of loyal players, who have been great at offering suggestions/improvements and helping me by reporting bugs.

The URL is

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It?s still nowhere near finished, and officially it?s still in beta testing phase. As its rocketry based I thought it might be something readers of this group might be interested in, as a bit of fun whilst not playing with real rockets.

The rocketry aspects to the game have been simplified slightly, and I hope to add staging and clustering in to the game at some point. It?s still very much a work in progress though, and I am aware that the game isn?t perfect, and am always looking for feedback from players.

Thanks, Matt Bohan

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Hehe, I drew the "J.I." card from the "Chance" pile:

"ATF violation! All motor certifications are revoked. Discard all rational arguments in play, and assign 100 blame points to all players (except yourself). Go back 15 steps, re-label all shipments as 'model airplane parts', and pay $40,000 fine to D.O.T."

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Now that would be the r.m.r adventure game.... humm..... better then the silly r.m.r novel I thought about 6 years ago....

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