ROL NEWS--Al's Hobbies Summer Motor Sale

Al's Hobbies Summer Motor Sale July 15, 2005 Web posted at: 8:16 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Al's Hobby Shop has anounced a "SUPER SUMMER MOTOR SALE" on all Aerotech reloads "H" and above. Starting Friday July 15,

2005 and extending through Sunday July 31, 2005, all Aerotech reloads H and higher are on sale at an amazing 30% off of retail. With these tremendous savings you are able to fly more often and bigger for less. Ken wants you to get that next level of certification at a savings or just have fun with more power. The folks at Al's Hobby Shop are pleased to be able to offer you this savings and hope that you take advantage of these low prices. In adition to Aerotech, they have decided to add Ellis Mountain to their Summer Sale by discounting all Ellis Mountain motors "H" and higher at 20% off of retail. Ellis offers many motors in the H, I , J, L, range as single use motors. Ken says that with these motors you can cert. to a new level and save money because you do not need to purchase any cases. For those of you that do not fly the bigger motors that often, this is the way to go. Log on to
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or call them at 630-832-4908 and ask for Ken in rockets.

Source: Al's Hobby Shop

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Some feedback on the website: it's really pretty annoying to only be able to see the reloads one casing size at a time.

Great prices, though!

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