ROL NEWS--Al's Hobby Shop Summer Sale

Al's Hobby Shop Summer Sale April 25, 2005 Web posted at: 12:59 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Ken at Al's Hobby Shop has anounced their "FLY HIGH FOR SUMMER SALE". Starting Wednesday April 27 all Aerotech merchandise will be marked down 20% off retail. This sale will include motors, reload cases, single use motors, and kits including starter sets.This is for instock items only. Ken says that "If an item is out of stock, check back. As things get restocked the sale prices will remain in effect." How long will this sale last? Ken doesn't know, "The bigger the response the longer it lasts," Ken said. Al's Hobby Shop wants you to have a good summer and enjoy your hobby. Al's Hobby Shop is located in Elmhurst, IL (just west of Chicago and south of O'Hare Airport). More information may be found at:

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or by phone at 630-832-4908 (ask for Ken in rockets).

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SNIP...... Why are all of the marked down prices only 10% off???

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Jim M

It is 20% off THEIR regular retail :)

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Jerry Irvine

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