ROL NEWS--New Payload Kit from Xavien

New Payload Kit from Xavien June 14, 2005 Web posted at: 12:47 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- XAVIEN is pleased to announce the release of their

2.25" electronics bay kit. The kit includes the following parts:


2 8/32" X 12" "Create A Bolt" 8 8/32" Nut 8 #8 Split Lock washer 8 #8 Flat Cut washer 2 Screw Eye 4 8/32" "Wing" Nut 1 BT-22-5 (5" Body Tube) 2 TC-22-4 (4" Coupler Tube) 2 PP-22 (3/32" Disk) [larger of the 2 discs] 2 PP-22C (3/32" Disk) 1 Terminal Block w/ 18" wire ASSY. 1 "Toggle" Switch w/ 12" wire ASSY. 2 Guide Tubing 2 Wire Ties 1 Sled Material to Mount Electronics

All parts included allow the user to build the kit as needed to fit specific requirements of most avonics. Detailed users manual is available for download from

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Source: XAVIEN

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