Vendor appreciation alert: Superior Balsa

If you ever find yourself in desparate need of something out of the ordinary
in balsa or basswood, I can honestly recommend you contact Superior Balsa:
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for my 5.5x Estes Streak project I needed a way to add leading and trailing
edges to my 3/8th carbon / nomex honeycomb fins. Being basically lazy I
sure didn't want to be sanding down a 3/8th square and wasn't crazy about
trying to fill in around a 3/8th dowel.
Recalling my mis-spent youth building free flight (and later RC) airplanes I
remembered that pre-shaped symetrical leading stock would be perfect.
Except balsa would be too soft, prone to hanger rash and damage at
Two emails and four days later, a box of 10 perfectly milled 3/8th
symetrical BASSWOOD leading edges was on my door step this afternoon. AND,
there are SEVEN additional pieces that they judged weren't perfect which
they threw in at no charge ! The 'good' ones fit perfectly on the composite
sandwich fin blanks, and even the 'bad' ones would have been acceptable with
a little filler here and there.
Best of all...I was able to tell SWMBO "it was less than twenty dollars,
Dear: :-)
It just doesn't get any better than this !
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John Bonnett
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For those of us who usually have them ship, it shouldn't matter much.
To the spoiled goes the inconvenience :)
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Jerry Irvine
Nope, Let me see if I can find them...
#1: SIG Manufacturing Co., Inc. P.O. Box 520 401-7 South Front Street Montezuma, IA 50171-0520
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-Fred (OK, that last one was "ZIG") Shecter
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