WOWSERS - 5 Launches, 2 Crashes & A Tree Landing

I thought I relieve some stress today and fire off the only
working rocket I've got left.....LM-2 with-out the Alt15K.
First launch was on an A8-3. Got to about 100ft and deployed at apogee.
Chute failed to inflate and down it came......
I was a little surprised and rushed over to check it out. Nose was standing
upright buried in the mud.
The top square of Kevlar cloth moved up the shroud lines and stopped the
chute from opening up. No damage but needed cleaning.
The next 4 launches were on a B6-4 and got to around 350-400ft.
The first 2 of these were great.
I caught the rocket both times (First time ever) about 20ft from the pad!
I cheered, held it up high & waved it about like a trophy!!!
The 3rd was a bit tricky. Wind gust took it towards the tree line.
Came down thru the canopy and was hung up on some lower branches.
A few jumps and I soon had it back. No damage.
The 4th launch had me worried. Great boost but again at deployment
the chute failed to inflate.
Now crashing from 100ft was no prob.
Falling from 350ft fast.......I was sure a fin or 2 would snap off.
They're only surface mounted 0.8mm ply.
Wack!!! (My Batman Impersonation)
The nose speared in while the aft airframe slapped the ground.
This time the chute remained folded up....I guess I packed it to tight?
Most of the recovery line and both Kevlar squares stayed in the tube.
Woo-Hoo!!!.....It survived intact........
A bit dirty. One fin was missing paint along its edge & the nose had a
small chip / nick, a few scratches and was also missing paint.
The lower Kevlar square has reached it's use-by date & needs replacing.
Heat & gas have made it stiff and it has started to split. Lasted 15
while being blasted at point blank........may last 1 or 2 more?
Heh heh heh......My first two crashes in a long time & 2 catches to boot!!!
A fantastic day which took the stress away!
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10 flights total and now in semi retirement. :-)
Replaced the Kevlar cloth with a few squares of wadding. Had one A8-3 left so I launched it again today.
At ejection the Kevlar line let go and the two parts seperated real good!!!
I initially thought it pulled thru the paper thrust ring but the line actually burned away and failed under load. (As I look down the tube with a torch - FLASHLIGHT if you must!!!)
A crummy A8.......Low altitude so had a great view of it all. The AFT airframe looked like a squid jetting away from a shark!
Have to glue the line in the tube Estes style and it should be up & running again.............For a few more flights anyway... :-)
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Ever had a rocket explode on the pad?
I had a commanche III loaded with D and two C's. The cap on the D came away at ignition, denting the blast shield, and the rocket went up about 20ft before igniting the second stage. The first stage was blown apart (only recovered a fin and a bit of body tubing). Each stage there after seemed to suffere very violent ejection/ignitions and the final stage ejection separated the streamers and nose cone from the rocket. Destroyed it beyond repair when it hit the ground (dead vertical).
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Never heard of that many catos on one flight before. Gotta ask, how had you been you storing the engines? Did you modify them in some way? Were they dropped repeatedly?
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That sounds like one wild flight. :-)
Never had a cato before. Never had a rocket fail during boost /coast either but I bet it'll happen someday.......most prob. with my planned cluster FatBoy :-)
Had plenty of problems with ejection /
recovery and have lost quite a few....... Darn trees,dams & scrunched up chutes!!! And darn that blasted ejection heat :-)
Even had one land in the counsil sewage treatment pond..... I wasn't getting it out!
I wish I had a spare tape (Run out of film) I usually video all my flights for later viewing (R&D) It fair dinkum looks like a hand cannon going off.... At ejection flames burst out the NC end and are about as long as the entire rocket is. Looks cool!
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I wish I could send you some. We've had an inch per day for 4 days here. Supposed to last for 4-5 more days.
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Isn't it a little early for us to be harrassed by all these stormy women? Gonna be a long hurricane season.
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