1/100 Aicraft Kits FS/FT

Have some 1/100 scale kits, complete and unassembled in boxes, that I would
like to Sell, or even Trade off.
All kits are complete, with the exception of the Takara Area 88 kits, which
are missing the 1/24 scale pilots that came with them. Everything else is
present however.
Kits I have:
1/100 Sepecat Jaguar E
1/100 Frelon
1/100 AMD Mystere IV A
1/100 AMD Mirage III R
1/100 Alpha Jet
Takara (Area 88)
1/100 F-100D Super Sabre
1/100 F-5G (F-100 Tiger Shark)
1/100 F-8 Crusader
1/100 F-105D Thunderchief
1/100 F-15A Eagle
Things I am interested in trading for (would even do 2 for 1 trades if it is
a kit I REALLY want!)
Pretty much any 1/87 or 1/100 Helos:
Any Soviet/WP helos, minus the Mi-10.
French Gazelle, Puma, Super Frelon
US Vertol, CH-46, CH-53, AH-1W etc.
1/100 Aircraft (these can be kits, or even the GE Fabbri diecasts).
Send me a list of what you have if interested.
Have excellent trade references. Will sell any of the above at good prices,
I accept Paypal (am located in the US), drop me a line at
ravenwing71@(NOSPAM)yahoo.com if interested (remove NOSPAM).
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That should of course be "F-20 Tiger Shark" :-)
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