1/25 Revell Reynard Kits

I'm looking for information on the Revell Champ Car kits which were
made for the '98 and '99 seasons. As I understand it, there were two
major types of kits, one for the '98 season, and one for the '99.
Can anyone tell me which cars/decals went the '98 cars, and which with
the '99? I believe it went as follows:
98 - Target/Ganassi, Visteon/Patrick Racing, Shell/Rahal, Castrol/AAR
and Players/Forsythe
99 - Miller Lite/Rahal, Motorola/Green, Pioneer/Arciero Wells
Is this correct? Were any additional types made?
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Arch Stanton
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Right for the year. Players released in Canada only
Again right for the year but Motorola but the PacWest/Mark Blundel's car.
I think that is it. Lots of aftermarket decals still available. There was one photoetch fret available. All the kits are long gone from my area.
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Tom Hiett
Thanks for the confirmation and correction. Yeah, some of those kits are really rare now. I have a set of Kool decals for the '99 car, but around here I can only find '98 kits.
Time for some eBaying, I guess.
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Arch Stanton
are you the arch stanton from other groups, other times?
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