1/35 bearded figures...?

Is there a company out there that makes or has made 1/35 scale bearded figures?



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Actually, there are tons in 54mm-ish 1/32nd scale. These may be a tad too large for some 1/35th scale subjects; or they may work okay. Figure scales tend to be approximate. Shenandoah Miniatures has a great assortment of "bearded heads", bare, in slouch hats, and kepis. Also, look for Wolfe Miniatures. They tend to be small for 1/32nd, so might be ideal for your 1/35th scale needs.

Lastly....beards are about the EASIEST thing to sculpt, on a figure. Just use your fsvorite two-part epoxy putty, and an X-acto. You can do it in minutes. If you start with one of the many outstanding Hornet heads (see link below), you can easily add the facial hair.

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Greg Heilers

I believe Hornet has made some but I don't know if they are still available. When I have needed bearded figures in the past I always made my own using squadron putty mixed with liquid cement to a goopy consistency. I have used this many times and found it to be quite effective.

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