Amodel Tu-160 Blackjack

Ordering one from Linden Hill. Better be good for what they're
Got the Sukhoi T-4 and An-22 kits and am pleased with them considering
that epoxy-fiberglass stuff they're made from!
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Bubba Moose
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I've seen the news on LHI website too... seems great, even if not so cheap (also I don't like epoxy-fiberglass so much, Panda announced an injection moulded Blackjack in 1/72, but who knows when and if they'll release it).
The real problem is where to put the model once done: the plane is HUGE! (and I have to finish my Backfire before I can work on the Cub, before I can handle the Bear, before... I think I need an hangar instead of a model room... :)
Yuri Rambelli
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I hear Maquette is doing a 1:144 Blackjack, which seems a better bet for those of us without endless space and bottomless wallets...
Matt Brown
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All 4 crew! Man, that's tough. Whatever happened must have been very sudden for no one to be able to eject.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
Eastern Express has one in 1/288 which should really conserve space.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
One story I heard was they took the time to fly the aircraft away from a town or school it would otherwise have crashed into.... If true, they're heroes.
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Nick Pedley

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