AMT S3 clear parts

Picked up an AMT 1/48 S3 viking on the weekend. Price was great and
included Paragon wing fold and wheels, Eduard (sp?) PE, black box
cockpit, easy mask set and Aeromaster decals. Got it home, and the
clear parts are missing. Does anyboby have the clear parts they can
part with?
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Lloyd Curtis
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Nope, but you got the spelling of Eduard right. Well done. Although where my part used to be is looking a bit clear these days...
Lloyd Curtis wrote in message .
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Rob Grinberg
Lloyd, You might try writing a letter to AMT, giving them the kit numbers and what is missing, I have had good luck doing that in the past. Mike
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Mike G.
Sorry I can't help you with the parts, Lloyd, but writing to 'AMT' may be a waste of time. Since Racing Champs took over Ertl the customer service was thrown away. They might tell you to take the kit back where you bought it but that's the extent of their help now.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Italeri currently has the molds. (At least they're currently selling the kit...) Try getting it through them.
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Edwin Ross Quantrall

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