ARM: DML 1/144 Scale Karl Mortar sets

Kit Review: DML 1/144 Panzer Corps Series

Kit No. 14501, 54 cm Moerser "Loki" and Artillery Crew; 47 parts (38 in tan styrene, 9 etched brass); price not known Kit No. 14502, 60 cm Moerser "Odin" and Artillery Crew; 47 parts (38 parts in grey styrene, 9 etched brass); price not known Kit No. 14507, 54 cm Moerser "Thor" and Pz.Beob.Wg. 111 Ausf. H; 44 parts (26 in green styrene, 9 in tan styrene, 9 etched brass); price not known Kit No. 14508, 60 cm Moerser "Ziu" and Pz.Beob.Wg. V Ausf. G; 42 parts (33 in tan styrene, 9 in etched brass); price not known

Advantages: only ones in this scale (!); nicely done and will set wargame armor standards

Disadvantages: very small, and will require a fine eye to paint!

Rating: Highly Recommended

Recommendation: to all armor wargamers and German fans

There is a rise in the number of 1/144 scale armor kits coming out of the far east, and now at least DML and Doyayusa are making kits in this scale. The latest releases from DML are of the well-known Karl 040 and 041 series heavy self-propelled mortars, and they are nicely done little pieces. Little is an operative word here, for the first two each come with 12 crew figures in varied poses, and all of the figures are only ½" (12.7 mm) high. They do spice up the monstrous size of the mortars, and are a very nice and welcome touch. The number of parts to the weapons is not large, as all tracks and wheels are molded together in one part a la ROCO and thus cut at least 150 parts or more from a kit's size. The guns are moveable in their cradles, and the etched brass provides all of the die-hard's details ? grills, shields and surprisingly, what appears to be the rifling for the barrel. (Note that there are NO instructions in any of the kits for the brass, apparently whoever wrote the directions assumes if you are historian and not a wargamer you will use it and "know" where it goes...)

The Panzer III and Panther command observation vehicles are based on earlier releases but are still nicely done and effective if simple models.

The same decal sheet comes with all four kits ? the names are provided for all for in both black and white, as well as details and numbers for the command tanks.

Overall, this is probably the only way you could build at least four of the six known Karl mortars and still find a place to display them!

Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.

Cookie Sewell

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