best of show and best diorama

hi Gang,
I have been seeing winners in several categories from the nat's
Still curious what won best of show and best diorama.
thanks in advance
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Best in Show was Ben Guenthers Lunokhod 2. Best Diorama was "Cheers to the Faster Panther" by David Vickers
Dave M
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Does anyone know what's taking so long to announce all the winners?
At the banquet they said there was a computer problem that was keeping them from announcing the award winners, but now it's been over a month since the Nats and still nothing.
What's up?
Larry Litoborski
masterpiecemodels wrote:
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There are problems making certain the correct names appear as winners and being certain the data on hand is correct. They're making sure they have the correct info before making any announcements. That's all. It'll be up before too long, I'm sure.
Frank Kranick
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
Do you have a photo of the faster panther thanks John
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Thought it was the faster "Panzer" as there was no Panther in the dio as I recall. It was the crew of a Afrika Korps Panzer IV watching a turtle crawl along the sand, IIRC.
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Dave Williams
Anybody happen to count the rivets on the turtle? ;-)
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It was the welded-shell variant.
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Greg Heilers
you sure it wasn't cast?
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