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Hello All, I'm ready to paint a canopy of a Heller 1/72 Sabre.The difficulty is,get it paint on the inside and it is matt black.The out-side is gloss red.Any hints & tips?Reg. Han Krol,Holland

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han krol
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From the outside, paint black first, then gloss red. Or cut separate masks for the inside and the outside. I don't see what's the problem, here...

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Serge D. Grun

The simplest way is to paint all the colours in layers on the outside.

Mask and paint the black first, this will be the colour seen on the inside

Before you paint the red check its covering power as most red paints are translucent, so you may have to put a lighter colour over the black before you apply the red.

Hope this helps.

Happy modelling Ant 'Standing on the shoulders of giants'

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Ant Phillips

I agree about red. I am building the Revell Peterbilt Fire Truck and even on the red plastic I have to spray grey before the red. As for the black plastic - whatever prompted them to mould parts that will be painted red in black?? David Pennington

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David Pennington

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