Canopy Painting question

I'm working on a Tamiya 1/72 scale Spitfire Mk1. On this kit, the canopy is

2 pieces- the windscreen is one piece, and the rest of the canopy is the other.

Now, if this was a typical 1/72 model with a one piece canopy, I would just mask and paint the unit as usual.

My question is, because the canopy is 2-piece, should I paint the edges of the canopy frames, before I install the pieces? I'm talking about the edges of the piece, parts that would certainly be painted if the canopy was posed in the open. But in this case, the canopy will be closed, so the two edges (rear edge of the windscreen and leading edge of the hood) will be glued together, as the canopy will be installed in the closed position.

It seems that I have two choices here:

  1. Don't paint the edges, and hope that the paint on the exterior of the canopy, on the framing, will hide glue seam where the two pieces are joined.

  1. Paint the edges, so there's no clear-on-clear glue joint, but highlighting the fact that the canopy is much thicker than scale.

I'm building this kit OOB, so a vac canopy is not an option. I'm starting with the fairly thick, but clear, kit canopy that has been dipped in Future, and I'll be using Testors clear parts cement on whatever I end up doing.....



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RC Boater
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When I do a two piece, I always CA the screen then fare it in first. Since you are OOB-ing it you could use liquid cement (Testor's) to attach the slider in place, fare the bottom edge with the clear cement them mask and paint as a whole unit. You won't have to worry about seam lines, it makes it a bit easier and a lot less labor involved than doing them separately.

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

For the sliding part I usually mask the frames as usual, and then mask the inside letting the tape overhang the edge - that way you can spray the frame and the edge.

I always glue the windscreen in place and fit it to the fuselage first, then airbrush it along with the rest of the plane - if there is enough room, I'll partially mask the inside and stuff the remainder with toilt paper. If not, I'll mask the edge and brush paint it.

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hmmmm, more good tips to try.

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