[CAR] Please help to identify a model tire

Hello all, I have a resin-cast tire which was obviously cast from some vinyl model tire. I would like to know which model the original vinyl tire came from.

Here are the details: Outside Dia. = 1.27" (32.3mm) Inside Dia. = 0.85" (21.5mm) Width (at the widest point) = 0.28" (7.2mm) Approx. tread width = 0.21" (5.3mm)

Sidewall detail has a ridge around the mid-point and a "DUNLOP RACING" script (on both sides). Thin letters with seriff type. The letters are placed on the inside half of the sidewall - below the midpoint ridge).

Thread detail is more or less a staggered rectangular pattern (with sort of a "cross" in it) and it extends onto the sidewall (half way down to the ridge).

It looks like a 1:25 or 1:24 tire. Maybe from a kit made by Italeri or ESCII or Revell AG? Or Heller?

From the size of it, it appears to come from a model of a sports car probably
1930s to 1950s vintage (wire wheel). Maybe a Jaguar?

If you can identify a kit this tire came from - let me know. TIA, Peteski

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Peter W.
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Hmmm... Anybody?!

Or did I stumped everyone here? :-)

Is there a better group to which I could post this type of question? Peteski

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Peter W.

Did you post a picture of it?

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Al Superczynski

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