Check out this eBay auction!

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Damn! Why didn't I thinkof using a Witness Well & Rubbing Plate on mine? Probably why it never worked.


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Don Van Hook
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Hey, it MUST work! Feedback sez he's been a memeber since August 04!

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Hmmmm. According to the description, it says to hook it to your head and plug it into a 110 volt outlet. I can't imagine why I would balk at that ;~).

Further reading the description between uproarious laughter, I noticed one little phrase that is probably the legal fale-safe." He/she says: "It is primarily designed as an astral projection/time machine and unlimited white light generator."

A white light generator!? Isn't that what a flashlight is? It takes all kinds, I guess. ;~0

"The world would be a much simpler place if every one could pick and choose their obligations, but we can't and we shouldn't." Major Charles W. Whittlesey

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Bill Woodier

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My problem is the reference to my 'third eye'... Either he wants me to insert something in my butt or I'm the friendly alien short-order cook from the old Twilight Zone episode...

... and I'm NOT that guy...

Frank Kranick

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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.

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Actually, this thing really works. I got this idea once after a long airbrushing session in my basement after the ventilator broke. I "bought" one in 2005 and sold it again in 1995, 1999, 2003, 2008, and

2010. The catch is you must first be the successful bid, then return to the past to stop payment on the bid. Then return to the present or some other point in time and put the thing back on ebay to sell to another customer. Then cash the winner's check and return with the cash to the past to cancel the auction . . . and then do it again, you can make a killing!

If you don't believe me, that's okay. I'm selling this one - see if you win.

My head hurts and everything's really blurry . . .

Well anyway, it's all relative. :p

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