civilian Piasecki 44/H-21 schemes?

One of my fav helos is the H-21. I remember, maybe 35 or so years ago, having a small die-cast toy "Piasecki Workhorse" that I'm sure was painted red overall with a white stripe. I've found some on eBay, but they've all been a sort of metallic light green & yellow. I've searched Google for schemes & I found only b & w pics of an overall white one with a dark stripe, maybe blue. I've done a few H-21s in military schemes & now want this one from my childhood. Anyone know any sites with color pics of civvy variants? If nothing else I'll use the white one as a ref for the white stripe layout, as it looks familiar.

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I'm doing something similar with a Life-Like Cessna H-51 Seneca. I went to the company website via Yahoo (use the engine that works best for you) and found a few color photos of demonstrator craft. Or you could go crazy and get some shots of current business helicopters and backdate one for your mondel.

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The Old Timer

There are always the ex-RCAF ones that were painted red over blue with a wide white cheatline just above the cabin windows with large white registrations. They were used during DEW-line construction.

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Jeff C

I think I remember the red ones myself but I never had any. I was a teenager by then. OTOH, ISTR a civilian one being in the collection at Monino. Maybe Ken Duffey has a pic.

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frank a couché sur son écran :

Hi Franck, not a civilian one, bur a very colourfull H-21 yes : you can find a walkaround of a Canadian Search and Rescue Flying Banana on my website. I will build one with the Fonderie Miniature 1/48 scale kit and create all the decals myself. Orange and blue, inusual colors I think for a shop often seen green.

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Flying Frog

That's one aircraft we need a serious book on.

John Hairell (

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John Hairell

If you go to and type in New York Airways in their photo search engine, you'll find a nice color shot of a V-44B. I don't know of any red/white V-44's.


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