Compressors @ Sears?

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teem wrote in news:

Why don't you check SEARS.COM. They might know.

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Gray Ghost

FWIW I bought my current compressor at Sears. Came with a small Tank and all the necessary pressure regulators. I did add a moisture trap as it gets quite humid in the Baltimore area. I got it on a sale but they usually have a unit with 2 to 4 gal tank at a reasonable price.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

try micromarks website

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If you don't have an aversion to Wally-Mart, look there.

I picked up a $79 Campbell-Housfelt compressor there. It is 2gal and fairly quiet. It is too wimpy for most air tools, but perfect for airbrushing! It even has a press. regulator.

Also, Target sells similar item.

Yes, neither store is very "manly", but we are looking here for a cheap low volume compressor. :-)


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Peter W.

I bought one of those as a backup for my CO2 setup. Haven't had to use it for that yet but it sure came in handy the other day when I found that my car had a flat tire... ;)

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Al Superczynski

I bought a compressor at Target about a year ago for the clearance price of $45. It has a tank and pressure regulator and works like a champ. No problems with it for airbrushing.


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I haven't looked at Sears, but one brand is Coleman, and that unit is found in many large hardware and home improvement stores.

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Don Stauffer

If you use a compressor like that, what would a typical airbrush need the regulator set at? 5 to 10 PSI? I have one of those white plastic Testors airbrushes that came out several years ago. It runs on a can of compressed air and that's reason I don't use it as much as I would like

- they cost too much. I had thought about using my compressor before but was afraid of destroying the airbrush.



"I used to have a handle on life - but it broke"

D> > Do they sell small,good ones?.

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The pressure you use will vary with the type of paint being used, the type of finish desired, etc., but it will generally run somewhere between 10 and 30 PSI. You will not destroy your Testors airbrush by using it with your compressor, as long as you do not try to use it without a pressure regulator and blow it up.

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Larry Farrell

I run 10-12 for gloss, 15 psi for flats.

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Don Stauffer

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