DVDs on various weathering/dirtying techniques?

This is not something I am particularly good at. I sometimes get lucky but I
am not entirely sure about attacking some of my kits that come out pretty
decent in the first place.
I honestly am a bit intimidated by all the "new techniques" the seem closer
to Renoir then a fun hobby pasttime.
I have some of the Shep Paine books. And i would appreciate addtional
reccomendations on books, but what I think i really want is to see some of
these techniques demonstrated and where i can pop a DVD into the player in my
hobby room and sorta watch/test.
Could I get some suggestions?
Land/air/sea. I have some ships already done I'd like to dirty up and have
some armor building and finished that are begging for mud. Air is OK, too.
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Gray Guest
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Try AK-interactive website
formatting link

Regards Ed
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And click on the little Union Jack for the english version..... ;)
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I bought the AK DVDs, they don't work on my DVD player, but you can run them on your computer as long as it has a DVD player. They're not bad, you might want to rewind some of the parts where they show you what paints they used, that goes by quick, but as far as showing how to weather, pretty good photography. Nice close up details. My only complaint is they overdo the weathering. Trust me, there isn't an NCO in any army that would let a vehicle get that banged up. Maybe left as a derelict over a winter or two.
With the Germans carrying their own paint in 2kg cans, goes double. Especially as they could mix with thinner, water, gas, pretty much any liquid....
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I did notice that the DVD's were PAL system. Maybe they are a different region also. Sounds like they are made for Europe.
Another option could be to play them on a region free player.
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Uffe Bærentsen
MiG productions also has a 2 vol set on weathering and pigments.
For the AK production videos, they were cheaper than online places at the AK USA site, just FYI.
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some are limited some are not. if you have 2 machines, leave one changed. best to look up the specs, almost everything is on the net. there are a zillion guides on how to upgrade the firmware, generally it's easier to do firmware. often it's a self contained program you run, or even a cd you run. it's not a risky as some bios' are.
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