Fingers dull my finish and Fine Scale Modeler

I laid down a nice aerosol silver for my P 51. The problem I had was
it dulled dramitically as I worked further on the kit.
My question is how do I avoid this in the future?
Any tips are most welcome.
On another note I received my complimentary issue of Fine Scale
Modeler. On first thumb trough it appears to be a quality mag.
Worth $39?
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Most modelers that are serious about natuaral metal finishes (the dreaded "NMF"...) only handle them with white museum gloves. Metallic paints do contain metal flake, and will tarninsh eventually in air, or when handled with bare hands. Using a laquer based paint (like Testors Metallizer) polished with Scotchbrite helps. A bit...
Yes - I've been a subscriber to FineScale for years. I mainly like the advertizing, though I do save reference pages from the mag in binders as opposed to saving (collecting) entire issues.
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I also use latex rubber gloves. Cheap at the drugstore.
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Art Murray
I do as well, although I am in the process of scanning any articles, reviews, gallery photos or kit histories that strike my fancy. It's a big job, but on days like today, where I'm frozen out of my workshop (currently 5=BA with a high today of maybe 22=BA), it's either that or watch "the Price is Right". 8-P Magazines scanned: Fine Scale Modeler Scale Modeler (a few still on hand - I dumped most of these years ago) Air Enthusiast (a few early issues) Air Trails (mostly from 1945 to 1955) Air Progress (a few on hand) Hobbies for Young Men [which I no longer am 8-C] (a few on hand) Besides, doing this makes it a bit easier to find articles about specific topics.
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The Old Man
Try using paper towels once you've completed a section of your model, wrap the the sections with the paper towel then use a little masking tape to hold it tightly in place. Using gloves sometimes isn't practical. The towel covered surfaces give you a place to hold your model while working on other areas. I also have found Parafilm to be useful as well. Also, if you spray a 'clear coat' over a NMF it will change the sheen slightly. Hope this helps.
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In our line, our DSEAL (clear sealer) matches the sheen of the NMF products we sell.
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