for sale american beauty reistance soldering

100 watt 105A3 brand new base in factory box with warranty card, 10541
regular tweezers resistance soldering handpiece new in factory box,
10517 regular tweezer wirestripping handpiece preowned tested good
guaranteed, 10519 footpedal switch preowned tesed guaranteed good.
complete set up with factory instruction booklet,instruction sheets,tube
silver bearing solder & bottle liquid flux all for $300......
250 watt american beauty station consiting of 105A12 250 watt base
preowned tested guaranteed good, 105127 250 watt resistance soldering
tweezer mint like new barely used with brand new copper electrodes tip,
10517 regular tweezers wirestripping handpiece preowned tested
guaranteed good, 10519 footswitch preowned tested guaranteed
good,factory instruction booklet,tube silver bearing solder,bottle of
flux all for $350......
300 watt 110 vac 3 prong grounded ac soldering pencil with large
screwdrive style tip almost 3/4 incheshas wood handle and good feel and
blance to it.tip is removeable and easily replaceable..brand new in
factory box.imported $20.......
new solder feed reel holds 1 lb roll of solder.has feed guide,non skid
rubber baseplate.well made import.heavy gauge steel contruction. wt. 2
lbs. $10
email to buy
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Nice. I've been meaning to do some panel cutouts on my Italeri 1/72 F-16. One of these machines should be just delicate enough to do the job. wrote:
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