For those looking for a weekend project.

I finally have the answer to the question of an interesting model that can be finished in a day or two. This weekend I assembled TWO. Both are by Atlantis; the "TR-3E triangular UFO" and the other is the "Exploration Vessel of Earth" or E.V.E. The latter consists of two hull pieces, about 4" in diameter and comes with a "Light Drive", a battery-powered light disk. I deleted the Drive and concentrated on working on my Metallizer skills. Scale is stated as the ever-popular 1"=864'. As to the former, I saw photos of this craft on a History Channel piece, "I Know What I Saw", on Friday, so this is why I dug these two out. The hull (again, two pieces) is 5.25" on a side and also has three landing pads. As the one I saw on that TV program was very dark, I sprayed the model Metallizer Titanium over a Flat Black Primer and buffed them to bring out a metallic sheen. At ten bucks for the small one and twelve for the bigger one, I'm pleased with the results. The finishes came out nice too.

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