FSM Base and topcoat combination for US WWII armor

Question for the esteemed members of the group:

My question relates to the appropriate base and topcoat combinations for US WWII olive drab as per FSM.

I have the original FineScale Modeler article on base and topcoat combinations by Cookie Sewell from May 1993. I also have the FSM book "Armor Conversion and Detailing Projects" that reprints the article. My understanding from the article is that the topcoat should be lighter than the basecoat. I have successfully used the concept and recommended article colors for Israeli and Soviet armor; I was quite pleased with the result.

I'm now working on a US M3 Lee, with other US armor to follow. For US WWII olive drab, the recommended base coat is RLM 71 (which should be darker), and the topcoat is AN613. When I look at these two colors, Model Master 2081 (RLM 71) is _lighter_ than MM 2050 (ANA 613).

I've either misunderstood the concept, or this is an exception to the rule, or maybe the colors were placed in the wrong columns? (i.e. should it be base AN613 and topcoat RLM 71?).

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks for you help Dan

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Daniel Venasse
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It works (as noted) if the colors are Floquil, not MM. Alas, Testors bought Floquil and immediately dropped the Military Colors line...

MM has pre-lightened colors, so the trick if finding one that is still dark. Try FS34088 or FS34086.

Cookie Sewell

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