Glass cement

What's the best brand name to cement glass together
Buffalo NY
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Frank Lampke
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Frank Lampke wrote:
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John O. Kopf
I have had pretty good luck with Loctite Instant Glass Glue. It's tough, crystal clear and survives the dishwasher pretty nicely. It takes less than a minute to set up and cures in a day or so. Instructions tell you to wait a week before washing in a dishwasher.
Good luck.
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Loctite Crystal Clear glass adhaesive has the same refractive index as glass and is effectively invisible once cured. It requires UV light to set, so put it either in the sun (fastest) or under an unfiltered halogen downlight or fluorescent light.
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Norman Lever
Would that be flint, crown, window, auto, oven window or some other kind of glass? Glasses have differing RI's, your blanket statement just isn't correct. Now the Loctite product is good enough to bond simple window glass or autoglass where the RI and index matching isn't critical. For true optical use, especially if the two bonded materials have different RI's you use the geometric mean of the two RI's to select the RI of the bonding agent (I used to have a computer program at work to do just this). For some real fun try finding an optical bonding agent that doesn't require a UV cure; is below 200cps viscosity when uncured; doesn't require a thermal cure above 150C; is chemically insensitive to Polycast 2, brass and cured doming resin; has a pot life of 1 hour minimum; when cured is resistant for limited exposure to 2-propanol, tripropanolamine, X-100, 25% bleach, ethylene dichloride, sulphuric acid, ferrocyanide, immersion in DI water and a final cured durometer of at least 75 Shore D......refractive index is the least of the problems you'll encounter (hint, you can get almost any reasonable RI with most optical bonding agents or if you buy enough you can order the RI if everything else meets your criteria, you can't always get the other properties you need).
Norman Lever wrote:
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Have you tried Buffalo Auto Glass or one of the other Auto Glass companies?
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