Help - Novice Modeller would like to build this

Hello all,
Especially modelling gurus!
Although I'm at the ripe old age of 42 I'm relatively new to the hobby. At
least as far as my skills are concerned.
I would like to build the vehicle depicted in the pictures on
alt.binaries.models.scale. I just don't
know where to start. I realize there will be a element of scratch building,
which I look forward to.
What I remember about the vehicle is that it is a 70's era Brinks truck,
Ford I believe. It was purchased for a $1.00 (CAN) and extensively 'up'
armoured. The police service's Tactical team used it as an APC. Its new life
began in 1985, but came out of service in the early 90's.
I would like to add this to my projects list, with a hope of adding to the
museum for this police service.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Tim,
I'm very new to modeling myself and enjoying the whole learning process of it. Could you briefly explain what 'scratch building' is? Any links on the subject would be greatly appreaciated :-)
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Richard Martins
Fine Scale Modeler,
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usually contains articles each month detailing different "scratch building" projects.
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John R Meloro
thanks for the link John, it's a great site
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Richard Martins
Glad you like it!
Here are some other forums that you can check out. Other modelers often post their work there as well as questions:
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John R Meloro

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