Hydro-test markings, demystify them for me? I'd like to know when I'll need to fork over for a new hydrotest cert.

Markings on tank at the bottom of message.
Long story short I'm getting "back into" welding, since I've finally
been able to take a real course locally rather than trying to learn from
friends who never really learned the right way in the first place. I'm
taking a MIG course now, and I'm taking the Stick/OA course next month
as a refresher, and hopefully they have enough interest to seat a TIG
course (I sooooo hope so.) So I'm tinkering around with my OA rig to
get a feeling for molten steel again. (I started with OA because it was
all I could afford in 2000. ;-) and I'm thinking the O2 cylinder is
probably due for a hydro soon-ish.
Many thanks in advance. And it's nice to see Ernie's still here too.
My oxygen tank is marked as follows...
on one side.
DOT 3AA 2015 M8004 REE86
1370851 05A00+*
the *
is a 5 point star.
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I believe your tank was last tested in 2000 and the 5-point star added to the date means it's good for 10 years. I'm basing that on the following:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 173.34.(e)(16) DOT-3A or 3AA cylinders. Defines so-called "star service". "Star service does not apply to cylinders used for diving, but may apply to cylinders in dive store compressed gas banks. A cylinder made in compliance with specification DOT-3A or DOT-3AA not exceeding 125 pounds water capacity (Steel scuba cylinders meet this criterion) and removed from any cluster, bank, group, rack or vehicle each time it is filled may be retested every 10 years instead of every 5 years provided the cylinder complies with all of the following: a.. Was manufactured after December 31, 1945 b.. Used exclusively for air or certain other gases (argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen or permitted mixtures) c.. Passes the CGA Pamphlet C-6 hammer test prior to each refill d.. Is stamped with a five-pointed star following the test date e.. Is dried inside immediately following hydrostatic testing f.. The cylinder is not used for underwater breathing Some hydro-station and air fill station personnel misinterpret the "Star Service" description to mean that certain steel cylinders ("old") ones must be taken out of service. They are mistaken.
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