Cocktail Fork "Blanks"

Hi --- Thought that someone in this eclectic group might be able to point me to a supplier.

I have seen old sets of cocktail forks which are topped with a decorative stone or gem. Sometimes they are more intricate with the stone being held inside some wires, but I'm more interested in the more straightforward ones where there is a hole not quite through the stone, and the stone glued onto the fork stem. In this case, the stem of the fork is simply a rod.

I want to make some of these using my own stones.

Anyway, do any of you know of a supplier of these cocktail fork "blanks"? So far, the best thing I've found were some other forks that I had to cut the handles off of, I'd much prefer getting the "blanks" ready to go.

And if I wanted to have them made --- I'm not sure who I'd even go to: some sort of jewelrymaker to have them cast?

Any thoughts would be welcome.



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