Help with Polar Lights Batplane

I haven't had time nor space to build anything in almost 25 years.
I was hell on wheels with 1/72 Century series fighters a long while
ago. :)
But I read the books, surf the net and am amazed by y'alls knowledge
and insight
I've ordered the Polar Lights Batplane and after market decals.
I know, not really any scale, half figures in the cockpit, no wheel
But as a Batman figure collector I've seen these done on the net and
I want a good one.
So here I am, hat in hand asking you the pros how to proceed.
I've got no paint, no brushes just a boatload of super glue ( from
my crime scene kit
I'm the department CSI ) and a bottle of future.
Ideas please, my spare parts box, gone in the distant past, no brushes.
But I've got y'all in my corner.
Walk me though the assembly.
Tips for ( my rough idea) red walk way lines and 50-60 style turbine
red warning on the fuselage. Anybody got any red decals to make a N
I don't intend to use the half figures in the cockpit, I noticed on
the net one guy used a black?
wash to inhibit viewing inside.
Any ideas welcome
Thanks in advance!
Feel free to post on list or e-mail me at
A Campus Cop in Texas
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Here is a site that has some info on the Batplane. There might be an article or a link that can help you.
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Thanks bud, It was skimming thru this site that led me to placing the order!!!!
RobG wrote:
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Sorry about that. Here is another site that has pop culture modeling as a category. A quick search did not produce any references on the PL Batplane, but he has a link page to some sites that might:
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Caution: the above site has all sorts of neat kits from your childhood and may suck you in even farther.
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You might want to start by reading through the group's FAQ at .
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Al Superczynski

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