I found it!

A while back there was a conversation about unusual kits we had at one time
or another. I mentioned an undersea lab of orange plastic with a clear
front for viewing the inside. I thought it was Trieste but I discovered
this site.
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I had the Sealab III kit but I don't remember buying it and I've no idea
who gave it to me. Must've been a gift. Be kind of cool to get one again
someday, I just saw one go on ebay for $150+. Wow!
Anyway just thought I'd share that. Anyone else?
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This is cool. I never thought one did exist! ;)
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i remember a german kit when i was a kid of a potato masher hand grenade. i think first world was because it was mounted on a board with a plastic "wire" and looke kind of crude. bought it at the toy fair they have under the clock with the figurs that move in old town nurnburg. it was almost 10 marks, about $2.50 at the time and a huge sum to my 8 year old mind.
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