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We are settling in to the new house finally. Have no idea when I'll get back to modelling, hopefully not to long. One of the unpackers was gaga over the model boxes, seems he built models as a kid and was looking forward to doing some with his kid. Liked the old Revell and Monogram ships. Small world.

We are not very far from the Armor School at Fort Know. We can actually hear the booming on the fireing range. More like distant thunder and it took me a couple of times to figure it out. Gotta get to the Patton Museum ASAP.

And for you flyboys, I've seen the ANG C-130s taking off from the Lousiville airport, office is just across the highway from there and we were flown over at the house by what I think was an F-18.

And dig this on the road in is an American Legion post with a Patton parked out front an M47 I think, gotta get the books out and check. You can actually walk right next to it for research purposes, though there is a big "No climbing on tank" sign there, too. May have to dig out the Italeri M47 and have a go with the real thing sitting down the street.

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Shoot me an e-mail and we can exchange contact info. We can meet up some weekend. Got lots of free time with Exodus (trainees leave post for the holidays) when we shift to half day schedules.

Those C-130s fly down here and train/land at the airfield. They rev their engines at the end of the runway and rattle my windows.

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