IPMS Australia?

Is there an IPMS group in Australia? I've seen a web link to a page for one, but the link goes nowhere.

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The Aussie national site is now here:

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Scott Garard Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia.

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"Norman Lever" wrote

Yes and no.

There's an IPMS Australia, which is NOT the overall body for IPMS in Australia in teh way IPMS USA is for the US.

IPMS Australia is the IPMS club in Melbourne. IPMS NSW is the IPMS club in Sydney IPMS Qld is teh IPMS club in Brisbane

Not sure beyond that. I think there is now another IPMS club in north Qld.

Most Australian model clubs are not IPMS......have a look at the QMHE web page

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which lists the clubs in Qld and northern NSW - about a dozen IIRC but only one is IPMS


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When I was in Sydney for a month back in 1996, I visited two separate clubs. One was IPMS NSW, I can't recall the name of the other. They both met in the same room in Ryde, but on different weekends.

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